D365 Field Service together with MS HoloLens creates a unique experience for your field technicians!

Here you have the modern way to make more use of time and money more effectively in your field service organization

Via video call hand-held video through MS HoloLens, the technicians can collaborate with a remote computer or mobile expert and troubleshoot live issues.

Modernize field service

Give the on-site technicians the opportunity to share what they see with remote experts, handsfree with Remote Assist on MS HoloLens. With modern tools like video call through mixed reality, comments and file sharing, technicians and
remote experts can solve problems in their context. The remote expert can show where the problem is, how to replace a piece and guide the technician throughout the process. It saves both time and money.

Solve the problems in a few minutes, not days

When the world is moving fast, and production is overloaded, it’s important to solve complex problems faster and fix the error at first time. With MS HoloLens, the technician does not try to explain how things look over the phone, try to explain how it works, and avoid misunderstandings, making sure you get a
safer service technician who knows that he’s just a touch of a button for help.
Customers get more satisfied because they can get their wrong remedied much faster as the technician will not have to go back to the service center to solve more difficult issues.

This saves you time, reduces travel costs and gains more efficiency.
If you then integrate it with your other processes and systems, you will receive full support for your service organization.

Could it be better?

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