How to set up your IoT-hub so you can receive data from your device

In this section I will show you how to set up an IoT-hub that will manage your data that come from your device that we set up in next blogpost.

There is some thing you must think about and I will guide you throw the steps and explain things for you.

First, you have to setup an azure-account and you have possibility to choose a free trial for 12 months with $200 free credits.
When this is done you will see following screen.

Choose then “Create a resource” in upper left corner

Then market place shows up for you and in the search-box write IoT Hub and click it.

Click on “Create”

Then you should see this screen

Here you must be a little bit careful.

1) Subscription Choose how you want the payment Check here how Microsoft set the price
2) Resource group Here you can choose to have multiple iot-hubs in one resource depending on how you want your solution. For now, you choose “Create new” and choose a proper name for your group. Then Azure set up a resource group for you.
3) Region Here you choose the region that is nearest to where you are.
4) IoT hub name This must be an unique name and once you have name it you can not change the name so be careful when you choose your name.

This is how it look for me now

If you think everything looks great you just have to press “Review + Create” If it is looking how you want it just to click “Create”

In upper right corner you can now see that distribution is on the way

Now you can go away for a while and pick some coffee or take a short nap. When the distribution is finished you will have this message

Now you have your own IoT-Hub “Congratulation” You are on the cool way……….

If you press “Go to resource” you can see all information about your IoT-hub.

In a later blogpost I will explain a little bit deeper about IoT-hub and what you can do here. In the next blogpost I will teach you how to configure a device and connect it to your IoT-hub. Check out 🙂

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